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Pasadena Weekly Op-Ed: Taken to Task

In its editorial ("Congress should be acting to limit - not expand - latest Middle East conflict," Dec. 4), the Pasadena Weekly takes issue with an op-ed I wrote in the Los Angeles Times urging Congress not to adjourn without voting on the war in Iraq and Syria. The Weekly makes several reasonable arguments against American military involvement, but also seemingly takes issue with my call for a congressional debate and vote, and my argument that the president cannot rely on a 2001 Authorizatio… Continue Reading


Bloomberg View: Will U.S. and Turkey Create a Syria No-Fly Zone?

Josh Rogin & Eli Lake of Bloomberg View report on the possibility of the creation of a no-fly zone in Syria: Ever since the Syrian civil war broke out in early 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama has resisted calls from Congress to establish a no-fly zone in the country. Now we have learned that one of Obama's top envoys is negotiating just such a plan with Syria's neighbor Turkey. The new proposal would be called an "air-exclusion zone," a buffer area inside Syria along the Turkish border t… Continue Reading


CNN: Lawmakers Defend Failed Hostage Rescue Mission in Yemen

Sara Fischer of CNN reports on the discussion surrounding the failed rescue attempt of American journalist Luke Somers: Lawmakers from both parties defended the Obama administration's attempt to rescue American journalist Luke Somers early Sunday morning, even though the dangerous mission did not result in saving Somer's life. "It was an unfortunate outcome," House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, a Republican, told Candy Crowley on CNN's "State of the Union." "But I do believe you… Continue Reading


This is a news article it will probably have a long title to go with it.

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NBC Los Angeles: Southern California Couple Cleared in Death of Daughter Leave Qatar

MIchael Larkin of NBC Los Angeles reports on the Huangs' return to the U.S. after their arrest in Qatar: A Southern California couple cleared in the death of their adopted daughter left the Gulf Arab national of Qatar Wednesday after a two-year legal battle. A U.S. ambassador confirmed Matthew and Grace Huang had successfully passed through passport control and left the country on Wednesday. The couple is from the San Gabriel Valley and moved to Qatar while Matthew Huang worked in the country … Continue Reading


Washington Post: Chicago Police to Test Body Cameras on Officers "Within 60 Days"

Hunter Schwartz of the Washington Post reports on body cameras for Chicago police officers: The Chicago Police Department will likely begin testing body cameras on officers within the next two months, the department's superintendent said. "We have a number of officers who have volunteered because that's how we're going to handle it initially," Superintendent Garry McCarthy told the Chicago Tribune on Monday. "I endorse the program. I would say within 60 days we'll be up in running." "Having a… Continue Reading


The Hill: Democrat: 'Serious Doubts' that Iran is Willing to Deal

Kristina Wong of The Hill reports on the negotiations over Iran's nuclear program: A second missed deadline "casts serious doubts" on whether Iran is seeking to strike a deal with world powers to dismantle its nuclear program, a senior Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said Tuesday. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said the announcement Monday that no deal had been reached with Iran came as "little surprise," but he said the lack of progress in the talks is troubling. "The failure to … Continue Reading


Los Angeles Times: Earthquake early alert system ready to expand in California

Rosanna Xia and Rong-Gong Lin II of the Los Angeles Times report on California's earthquake early alert system: Officials are planning the first major rollout of California's earthquake early warning system next year, providing access to some schools, fire stations and more private companies. The ambitious plan highlights the progress scientists have made in building out the system, which can give as much as a minute of warning before a major earthquake is felt in metropolitan areas. The 2015… Continue Reading


The Hill: House probe rejects Benghazi criticisms

Ben Kamisar of The Hill reports on the latest Benghazi report: A nearly two-year House probe into the 2012 Benghazi attacks that killed four Americans, including U.S. ambassador Christopher Stephens, counters many claims used by opponents of Obama administration to portray the incident as a White House failure. It rejects assertions that the CIA was secretly shipping arms to Syria from Benghazi, that the CIA had ordered potential rescuers to stand down, and that the government bullied people i… Continue Reading


National Journal: Democrat Presses NSA: Don't Wait for Congress to End Mass Spying

Brendan Sasso of the National Journal reports on domestic surveillance reform: Legislation to rein in a domestic surveillance program crashed and burned in the Senate earlier this week. But one House Democrat is urging the Obama administration to stop the controversial spying on its own. "There's no reason, if you think that this is the correct policy, that you have to wait for the Congress to mandate you to do it," Rep. Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, said to National Security Agency Dire… Continue Reading


Los Angeles Times: Historic rug woven by Armenian orphans goes on display at White House

Matt Hansen of the Los Angeles Times reports on the White House display of a historic Armenian rug: Lawmakers and members of the Armenian American community gathered in Washington on Tuesday to mark the weeklong display of a historic rug linked to the Armenian genocide, calling it significant for a nation that helped support Armenians during some of their darkest chapters. The Ghazir rug, also known as the Armenian Orphan Rug, went on display at the White House Visitor Center after years of ca… Continue Reading


Washington Post: U.S. weighs expanded CIA training, arming of Syrian allies struggling against Assad

Greg Miller and Karen DeYoung of the Washington Post report on the ongoing conflict in Syria: The Obama administration has been weighing plans to escalate the CIA's role in arming and training fighters in Syria, a move aimed at accelerating covert U.S. support to moderate rebel factions while the Pentagon is preparing to establish its own training bases, U.S. officials said. A decision to expand the CIA program would deepen U.S. involvement in Syria, where the United Nations says 200,000 peopl… Continue Reading


MSNBC: Obama adds funding, troops to ISIS fight

Meredith Clark of MSNBC reports on the fight against ISIS: President Obama wants to expand the war against ISIS, and doing so could be one of the few actions that won't trigger a fight with congressional Republicans in the final years of his term. Obama sent a letter Monday to House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, requesting $5.6 billion to fund the war against ISIS. This move followed announcements last week that the number of troops in Iraq would double from 1,500 to 3,000 and that… Continue Reading


Wall Street Journal: Obama's Letter to Iran Rattles Congressional Nerves

Michael R. Crittenden and Carol E. Lee of the Wall Street Journal report on nuclear talks between the United States and Iran: Mr. Obama secretly sent letter sent last month to Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, according to people briefed on the communication, The Wall Street Journal reported. Lawmakers - especially Republicans, but also many Democrats - want to have a say in any agreement that comes out of international nuclear talks by a Nov. 24 deadline. Secret communications b… Continue Reading


Washington Post: Obama to seek new authorization for fight against Islamic State

Karen DeYoung of the Washington Post reports on President Obama's request for Congress to authroize combat against the Islamic State: President Obama said Wednesday that he will ask Congress for new authority to combat the Islamic State, replacing the administration's reliance on laws passed more than a decade ago to justify its current military operations against the militants in Syria and Iraq. "The idea is to right-size and update whatever authorization Congress provides to suit the current… Continue Reading


Wall Street Journal: U.S. Spying on Syria Yields Bonus: Intelligence on Islamic State

Siobhan Gorman and Julian E. Barnes of The Wall Street Journal report on recent intelligence gathered in Syria: WASHINGTON-With a limited ability to gather intelligence in Syria, U.S. spies have been tapping an unlikely source for information on Islamic State militants: the communications of President Bashar al-Assad 's regime. The U.S. initially set up its spy infrastructure to monitor the regime, but it is also yielding unexpected intelligence over the Sunni jihadists that has helped guide A… Continue Reading


Wall Street Journal: Foreign Policy Crises to Confront Lawmakers in Lame Duck

Michael R. Crittenden of The Wall Street Journal reports on the foreign policy challenges that Congress faces: Lawmakers who have spent the last six weeks focused on getting re-elected will have to quickly reorient once they return to Washington to address a host of major foreign policy challenges that could dominate the lame duck session. "We have a long list of vital national security issues to take up that is inverse to the amount of time we have to do it," said Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.… Continue Reading


Crescenta Valley Weekly: Schiff, Feinstein and Boxer Urge White House to Fully Fund Earthquake Early Warning System

Mary O'Keefe of the Crescenta Valley Weekly reports on the funding request for the Earthquake Early Warning System: This week, Rep. Adam Schiff along with Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, urged President Obama and the White House's Office of Management and Budget, to provide the highest possible funding level for earthquake hazards programs in their 2015 budget request - most specifically, additional funding for an earthquake early warning system being developed by scientists in Sou… Continue Reading


San Francisco Chronicle: Cedar Falls woman fights for lost Vietnam sailors

Pat Kinney of the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reports on efforts to add the names of 74 soildiers to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall: CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (AP) - It has been 45 years since 74 American sailors died when their ship was cut in two by an Australian carrier off the coast of Vietnam. Their names aren't on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. It's an oversight a young Cedar Falls woman has made it her mission to rectify, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reported T… Continue Reading


Wall Street Journal: Canada Privacy Law Hampered Intelligence Sharing

Devlin Barrett and Siobhan Gorman of The Wall Street Journal report on concerns raised by the recent attacks in Canada: WASHINGTON-Neither of the two Canadian men who attacked soldiers and Parliament this week were on a terror watch list in the U.S.-one because of privacy laws in Canada-raising concerns among American officials about possible intelligence gaps close to home. Both incidents underscore a security concern of U.S. and Western counterterrorism officials: These types of one-off, hom… Continue Reading

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