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June 13, 2024

WATCH: Rep. Schiff Blasts Trump for First Visit to Capitol Hill Since January 6th Insurrection

Washington, D.C.— Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) joined MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace to discuss Donald Trump’s visit to Capitol Hill, including the disgraced former President calling Department of Justice officials “dirty, no-good bastards” and far-right Republican efforts to delegitimize the verdict in Manhattan.

Watch the full video of the interview HERE.

Key Excerpts:

On Republicans’ Hypocrisy After January 6th

[...] I was with them on January 6th. I was on the House floor as these rioters were breaking into the building, beating police officers, breaking glass to get into the House chamber. I walked out of that chamber with a Republican who had ripped a wooden post out of the ground. It still had the hand sanitizer dispenser on the top, and he was going to use it as a club to defend himself.

And now they are rallying to his side. It really takes your breath away. And they're not only willing to rally to his side, but as you point out, they're willing to pull down the whole House of Justice along with them. They're willing to attack not just the Manhattan district attorney, but any prosecution anywhere of their beloved leader.

And it really is not only extraordinarily dangerous to the country, because they're breeding such disrespect for the law, for our democracy. But it is such proof of the fact that the only concept they really hold dear, the only quality, the only attribute they really cherish is power. And they're prepared to do anything to get it.

On Republicans’ “Fire hose of Misinformation”

[...] We have to continue to fight this fire hose of misinformation and disinformation. But the thing that is so striking to me also is these folks you just mentioned, they all know the facts.

They understand the prosecution of the President's son. They understand the separation of a Manhattan District Attorney's office from a federal prosecution office from the Department of Justice from the president. They understand all that. They are just so willing to mislead, to gaslight the public in the service of their continued opportunity to be in the House or be in the Senate or maybe get another Cabinet post or a Cabinet post in a future Trump administration…

[...] But what is so revealing is in a way less about Donald Trump, much more revealing about the people that work in this building and what they're really made of and what they really care about. And that may be the most shocking fact of all. That you could go from saying ‘I'm done with him.’ ‘There are better ways to deal with him,’ as in prosecution. To this terrible show that we saw today where they're all reinventing themselves, all reimagining themselves, all essentially swearing their fealty to him once again, says a lot about them, maybe more about them than it does about Donald Trump.