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May 31, 2024

Schiff, Kim, Colleagues Introduce Bipartisan TOOMAJ Act to Crack Down on Iran’s Human Rights Abuses

Washington, D.C.— In case you missed it, last week, Representatives Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Young Kim (R-Calif.), Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.), and David Trone (D-Md.) introduced the Targeting Oppressive Officers to Mitigate Abuse in the Iranian Judiciary (TOOMAJ) Act to uplift the Iranian people peacefully protesting the Iran’s human rights abuses, unjust crackdowns, and arrests and executions without due process.

Toomaj Salehi is a Iranian rapper and political dissident who was sentenced to death this month after detailing the torture he experienced under arrest for protesting the Iranian regime.

The TOOMAJ Act calls for targeted sanctions for certain judges, prosecutors, and investigators of the 70 branches of the Islamic Revolutionary Courts of Iran and codifies the position of the United States that judgments issued by Islamic Revolutionary Courts against political prisoners are a violation of human rights.

“Toomaj Salehi was wrongfully sentenced to death by the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Iran. His crime? Calling for accountability for the Iranian regime through music. His courage and steadfast vision of human rights in Iran are an inspiration to us all and I am proud to join my colleagues in leading this bipartisan bill which will help hold the Iranian regime responsible,” said Rep. Schiff.

“Toomaj Salehi has used his platform to give a voice to the voiceless and bravely speak out against the Iran regime’s torture, abuse, and crackdown against the free will of the Iranian people. Unfortunately, he is just the latest victim of the regime’s cruelty,” said Rep Kim. “As we see Iran sponsor terrorism around the world and increase aggression against our allies, the United States must push back and lead in promoting freedom and human rights. The TOOMAJ Act allows us to stand side by side with Toomaj and other peaceful protestors demanding basic human rights and take targeted action against the Iran regime. I am proud to lead this bipartisan, commonsense bill and will fight to get this through the finish line.”

“Not only does the Iranian regime export terror and death across the world, but they relentlessly oppress and persecute their own people as well,” said Rep. Lawler. “That’s why I was proud to cosponsor the MAHSA Act signed into law earlier this year to sanction the Iranian regime for its human rights abuses and it’s why I’m proud to work with Representative Kim and colleagues from both parties to introduce the TOOMAJ Act imposing new sanctions on the corrupt Iranian judicial system for its persecution of political prisoners. The U.S. is a beacon of hope to all who suffer oppression across the world, and we must continue to lead by example, letting those who suffer at the hands of tyrannical governments like the Islamic Republic know that we unequivocally stand with them.”

“The increased patterns of brutality by the Iranian government are incredibly concerning, and this legislation seeks to bring accountability to those responsible and help improve the lives of those suffering human rights abuses,” said Rep. Trone, Co-Chair of the Abraham Accords Caucus. “As more and more civilians in Iran become victims of its regime, the onus is on all of us to stand up and defend the core ideals of democracy, of freedom for all. Working together, we can do just that.”

Read the full bill HERE.