The Need for Comprehensive Climate Change Legislation

Madam Speaker, on Friday, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its fourth report on the state of climate change science. This report is the most comprehensive, unbiased summary of the climate situation because it evaluates all peer-reviewed research published around the world and draws only the most conservative conclusions.

The report found that the evidence of global warming is unequivocal, and that the culprit is almost certainly our emissions.

However, this troubling scientific consensus is not acceptable to some, like the American Enterprise Institute, which sent a letter to climate scientists offering them $10,000 to write articles challenging the IPCC's analysis. This is an appalling attempt by vested interests to buy science that is more convenient for their outdated philosophy. However, it is also encouraging because it demonstrates just how desperate the climate skeptics are.

The IPCC report is the writing on the wall. The American people are demanding comprehensive climate change legislation, and we can delay no longer.