Press Releases

September 2013
Rep. Schiff Statement on Russian Proposal on Syrian Chemical Weapons
Rep. Schiff Statement on Syria
August 2013
Rep. Schiff Statement on Reports of an Internal Audit of NSA Surveillance Programs
Rep. Schiff Statement on the Violence in Egypt
Rep. Schiff Praises Pentagon's Decision to Extend Rights to Same-Sex Married Couples
Rep. Schiff Praises Steps for Further Transparency of FISA Court - Renews Call to Restructure Metadata Program
July 2013
Rep. Schiff Praises Declassification of Metadata Program Documents, Pushes for Greater Transparency and Reforms
Rep. Schiff Votes for Amash/Conyers Amendment, Pushes for Further Discussion of Metadata Issue
Rep. Schiff Offers Amendment Sunsetting Authorization for Use of Military Force– "AUMF Never Intended to Authorize a War Without End"
Rep. Schiff Meets with Interns from Armenian National Committee of America and Armenian Assembly of America
Rep. Schiff Announces House Appropriations Committee Funding for Planetary Science Almost $100 Million Over President's Request
Rep. Schiff To Introduce Legislation Requiring Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Judges to be Nominated by the President and Confirmed by the Senate
Reps. Schiff, Woodall, and Polis Announce $20 Million in Additional Funding Secured in Appropriations Bill for Cutting-Edge Energy Program
June 2013
Reps. Adam Schiff, Barbara Lee and Mike Quigley Announce $3 Million in Additional Funding for Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS Secured in Appropriations Bill
Rep. Schiff: Supreme Court Decisions a Huge Day for Cause of Equality
Rep. Schiff: Deeply Disappointed in Supreme Court Decision Striking Down Part of Voting Rights Act
Reps. Schiff and Rokita Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Declassify Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Opinions
Rep. Schiff Statement on Situation in Syria
Rep. Adam Schiff To Introduce Legislation to Sunset Authorization for Use of Military Force
Rep. Schiff to Host Congressional Field Hearing on Helicopter Noise with FAA, Homeowners and Helicopter Pilots
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