Schiff Votes to Begin Withdrawal of Combat Forces From Iraq

Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Adam Schiff voted in favor of a bill (H.R. 2237) that would end America's combat presence in Iraq and move to a containment strategy.  The measure would require the withdrawal of combat forces from Iraq to begin within 90 days of enactment and be completed 180 days thereafter.  The bill explicitly provides for the continued presence of U.S. military personnel to safeguard U.S. diplomats, to continue training Iraqi troops and for targeted operations against al Qaeda and other terrorists.  The bill was sponsored by Rep. Jim McGovern, (D-MA) and was voted down by a vote of 171-255.

Following the vote, Rep. Schiff stated, “While the Iraqi government dithers -- on reconciliation, division of oil revenues, reforming de-Baathification, and a hundred other matters -- American troops are dying.  We did not intend to become policemen in an Iraqi civil war, but that is tragically what we have become.  It is time to move to a containment and counter-terrorism strategy in Iraq, and this bill sends a strong message that a major change of course is overdue.”