Schiff Supports $39 billion in Spending Cuts to Reduce Deficit

Washington, DC –Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) released the following statement on the votes he cast over the last month in an effort to address our budget deficit and debt:

“The nation’s looming deficit and debt pose a serious threat to our economic future, and we will need to make difficult choices to put our fiscal house in order.

“Over the last month, I voted for measures that would reduce the deficit by up to $39 billion over the next 10 years.

“It is critical that the cuts we make are smart and targeted as we continue working to grow our economy, while tackling our deficit and debt.  We do not want to take actions that will stall our economic recovery or undermine our nation’s ability to compete in the future.

“I oppose measures that would be counterproductive to our economic recovery, including cutting critical funding for science, medical research, energy, and education, or that would result in 200,000 children getting kicked out of Head Start. 

“I am hopeful that Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate can work together to find a long-term solution to reduce our spending, while preserving the investments we need to protect and accelerate our economic recovery.”

Below are a few of the measures supported by Rep. Schiff:

Amendment #16, offered by Rep. Thomas Rooney.Eliminates the Joint Strike Fighter alternate engine (F-136) funding from the bill and redirects funds to the spending reduction account, saving $900 million.

Amendment #37, offered by Rep. Peter A. DeFazio.Eliminates all funding for salaries and expenses of the Independent Agencies, Selective Service System, saving $24 million.

Amendment #78, offered by Rep. Tom Cole. Prohibits the use funds from the Treasury for public financing of Presidential campaigns.

Amendment #108, offered by Rep. Ron Kind.Prohibits a $147 million payment to Brazilian cotton farmers—part of a settlement to avoid retaliation by Brazil for U.S. farm subsidies.

Amendment #109, offered by Rep. Ron Kind.Terminates the funding for research, develop, test, evaluate, and procurement of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle Program and Surface-Launched Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile.

Amendment #114, offered by Rep. Timothy Bishop.Eliminates the funds ($150 million in FY12) made available for the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility in Manhattan, Kansas.

Amendment #119, offered by Rep. Edward Markey. Prohibits new offshore oil and gas leases to companies that have not renegotiated faulty existing leases, saving $53 billion over the lifetime of the existing leases.

Amendment #124, offered by Rep. Earl Blumenauer.Caps to $250,000 the amount of money a farm can receive in commodity payments under the Farm Bill, saving about $100 million annually.

Amendment #145, offered by Rep. Jeff Flake.Prohibits the use of funds for the construction of ethanol infrastructure.

Amendment #166, offered by Rep. John Carney. Prohibits funding of the oil and gas research program at the Department of Energy.

(Continuing Resolution) HJ Res. 44. Cuts a total of $4 billion in discretionary spending. Reduces spending by $1.24 billion by ending eight programs marked for elimination in the President’s fiscal 2012 budget, and also defunds unobligated earmark-related funds from fiscal year 2010, for an additional $2.7 billion in savings.