Schiff Statement on President Trump’s Cruel Decision to End DACA

Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) released the following statement:

“The President’s decision to end the DACA program is a cruel and arbitrary attack on DREAMers, designed to placate a narrow constituency and erase the legacy of his predecessor. There is nothing in the law or constitution that compels such a result. If the President supported protecting these young people and felt Congressional action was necessary, he could have urged Congress to act long before now, not pulled the rug out from the DREAMers in such cruel fashion. 

“For many DREAMers, America is the only home they’ve ever known. Brought across the border by their families when they were only children, these young people have grown up in America, gone to school in America, and made plans for their futures in America. The President would throw that all away.  

“When the DACA program was created, America made a promise to these DREAMers that they would be protected. The President’s action today has shattered this promise. Now, hundreds of thousands of young people are left wondering what the future holds for them and whether they’ll be forced to leave their friends, families, and communities.

“Today, the President proved all his critics right: he lacks any sense of empathy, any devotion to a cause greater than himself. But Congress need not sit passively by while families are torn apart. I have offered an amendment to defund any effort to deport the DREAMers. It's time for Members of Congress to stand up and be counted.”