Schiff Statement Marking the 45th Anniversary of the Implementation of Medicare

Washington, DC– Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) released the following statement on the 45th anniversary of the implementation of Medicare:

“Forty-five years ago, President Johnson signed Medicare into law, and the Medicare program began to be implemented on July 1, 1966. Medicare has transformed life for millions of seniors in this country, providing them with economic and health care security.

“Before Medicare, only 51 percent of Americans 65 and older had health care coverage. Today, thanks to Medicare, virtually all Americans 65 and older have health care coverage. Before Medicare, nearly 30 percent of seniors lived below the poverty line. Today 7.5 percent of seniors live below the poverty line. In addition, under Medicare, Americans’ life expectancy has been significantly improved.

“In April, the House passed Budget Chairman Ryan’s plan to convert Medicare into a voucher or premium support program, where seniors would get a subsidy to go out and buy private insurance if they are able. I opposed this dramatic and flawed change to the nature of Medicare, and the legislation has been stopped in the Senate.

“I will continue fighting this plan and remain committed to meeting our obligations to the nation’s seniors, while responsibly balancing our books and paying off our debts. And I will be working hard to preserve and strengthen Medicare to ensure it is there for future generations of Americans.”

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