Schiff statement concerning U.S. military action in Libya

Washington, DC - Today, Rep. Adam Schiff released the following statement concerning U.S. military action in Libya:

"The situation in the Middle East and North Africa is one of great promise and at the same time, considerable peril. The spontaneous uprising of youth in the Arab world and beyond to demand a better life, representative government and an end to corruption is deeply inspiring. But it will bring a period of instability in the near term that will present many dangerous dillemas for the United States and our allies. We cannot treat each country as if the factors giving rise to discontent are precisely the same, or the outcomes can be achieved in assembly line fashion. Libya demonstrates the dangers. The President made the right decision to intervene with the support of the international community including the United Nations and Arab League. But bringing that intervention to a successful and near term conclusion will be difficult and the American role must remain limited. Our resources, human and capital, are limited and being taxed by commitments elsewhere and we must call upon other nations to do more. Within our capacity, however, we must continue to do all we can to support pro-democracy forces in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, and beyond. This is a once in a generation opportunity for many tens of millions to experience the kind of liberty we have enjoyed in our country for more than 200 years."