Schiff Shares Frustration over Reckless Decision-Making and Irresponsible Behavior

Washington, DC – As the Occupy Wall Street movement spreads across the nation, and into the 29th Congressional District, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) released the following statement:

“The Occupy Wall Street movement, which began last month with a small number of protesters at a park in New York City, has quickly spread across the nation. The movement puts a human face on the shared frustration Americans across the nation have over these persistently challenging economic times, marked by a struggling middle class, increased poverty, rampant home foreclosures, rising student loan debt, and big banks that have become outsized and out of touch.

“In order for us to continue to grow economically, we have to have a strong, effective and efficiently regulated financial sector that works for both Wall Street and Main Street.

“The protests raise legitimate concerns, and policymakers need to respond by continuing to focus on ways to foster an economy that offers stability and economic security for the middle class, and the opportunity for all to succeed.

“I share America’s frustration with those folks who engaged in reckless decision-making and irresponsible behavior, and that are now trying to roll back Congress’ efforts to prevent the abusive practices that led us into this mess.

“And I will continue to fight for meaningful reforms that bring manufacturing back to America, invest in the vital infrastructure of America’s future, and bring good paying jobs to our people.”