Schiff Secures Funding for Major Priorities in House Appropriations Bill

Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) released a statement in response to House passage of an appropriations bill with funding for Schiff priorities including the early earthquake warning system, rental assistance and affordable housing, space exploration, earth science research, and next steps for a “cap park” across Highway 101 in Hollywood.

“The House has prioritized critical investments to make life better and safer for Americans at home, and to increase our understanding of our planet and the universe beyond it,” said Rep. Schiff. “Increased rental assistance and affordable housing for our most vulnerable neighbors is critical, especially as the pandemic wages on and the housing insecurity crisis worsens. The passage of this Appropriations bill will keep us on track to return a rock sample from Mars, launch a spacecraft into the orbit of and one day touch down on Europa, and deepen our knowledge of planet Earth as we confront the reality of climate change.

“California and the West Coast continue to advance and rollout the early earthquake warning system, and I am pleased the House continues to provide strong funding so that we can be prepared before the next big quake. I am also thrilled that the Hollywood Central Park is one step closer to becoming reality. This Appropriations bill reinforces American leadership in space exploration, scientific research, technology, and importantly, consideration for a safer and better quality of life in our community.”

Schiff is currently on leave from the Appropriations Committee. Highlights of priorities Schiff was able to help secure in the appropriations bill include funding for:

  • Providing the requested amount of $25.7 million for the ShakeAlert West Coast earthquake early warning system.
  • Increasing funding for rental assistance programs that expand access to affordable housing by $1.5 billion, including funding to increase affordable housing for homeless veterans and people with AIDS.
  • Providing funding at the requested amount for the Europa Clipper Mission, to launch a spacecraft into the orbit of Jupiter’s moon Europa, plus $35 million for “Icy Satellites Surface Technology,” to study landing on the surface of an icy planet. 
  • Providing $2.021 billion, a $49 million increase from FY2020, in funding for Earth Science, to fuel the critical work of studying planet Earth and its inhabitants, a pressing priority given the reality of climate change.
  • Report language to study cap parks like the Hollywood Central Park, which is designed to go over the 101 Freeway between Hollywood and Santa Monica Boulevards. The report directs the Federal Highway Administration to prepare a report on their benefits within one year.