Schiff Reacts to the Extradition of Armando Garcia

Washington, DC – Today, Representative Adam Schiff commended the Mexican government for extraditing Armando Garcia. On April 29, 2002, Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff David March was murdered, execution-style, during a routine traffic stop.  Armando Garcia was named a suspect and fled to Mexico where he had been a fugitive. In late 2005, Mexico lifted its ban prohibiting extradition cases when the criminal faces a life sentence in a United States jail without the possibility of parole. In February 2006, Mr. Garcia was arrested in Mexico and today the Mexican authorities have turned him over to American Authorities.

“The family of Deputy March has been waiting for almost five years for justice – today, they are one step closer,” said Schiff, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney.  “I thank the Mexican government for its help apprehending Garcia and I am hopeful that his extradition and prosecution will provide some solace for Deputy March’s family.”

Since Deputy March’s tragic death, Rep. Schiff has actively sought justice for Armando Garcia.  In 2002, Schiff spearheaded a letter to President Bush from the California delegation to encourage the swift extradition of Mr. Garcia. In the years since, he has also written to the U.S. Secretary of State and met with the Mexican Ambassador about the issue.  Schiff and Rep. David Dreier also introduced legislation to make it a federal crime to murder a state or local police officer and flee the country.