Schiff on the 10th Anniversary of the September 11 Terrorist Attacks

Pasadena, CA – This weekend, as we observe the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2011 terrorist attacks, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) released the following statement: 

"Ten years ago, I was walking to the Capitol when courageous passengers and crew aboard United Flight 93 fought off hijackers to force their plane down in a Pennsylvania field. Their bravery saved many lives on the ground, and if, as we now understand, the destination of that final plane was the Capitol itself, perhaps my own.

“I heard a secondary explosion at the Pentagon, as streams of people poured past me on the street in the confused aftermath of the nation's most devastating terrorist attack. None of us will ever forget that awful day.

“But my strongest memories of that day, more vivid even than the terrible scenes of destruction, are the tremendous and still anonymous acts of heroism of passengers on a plane, civilians helping others while buildings collapsed around them, and the many hundreds of brave responders who rushed into harm’s way. In their courage, and that of the men and women of the armed forces and intelligence community who have risked all to prevent any reoccurrence of such an attack, America truly reveals itself."

Rep. Schiff will be participating in a number of commemorative events over the weekend.  Visit his Facebook page (www.facebook.com/CongressmanSchiff) to view photos following the weekend.