Schiff Meets with Armenian-American and Asian-American Student Leaders to Promote Public Service

Washington, D.C. – This week, Representative Adam Schiff hosted two breakfasts with local Armenian-American and Asian-American student leaders to discuss public service.  The students were nominated by their school principals to attend a breakfast with Rep. Schiff.  At the breakfasts, Rep. Schiff was joined by other public officials and local leaders who talked about public service and discussed ways the students can increase their civic knowledge and participation.  The events offered an opportunity for students to network with their peers and engage in discussions with leaders involved in creating positive changes in our communities. 

“It was great to meet with so many exciting, bright, and dedicated students,” Schiff said.  “Some of these students may be running the country one day and it was a good opportunity for them to meet each other and our community leaders.  I hope many of these students choose a career in public service -- they have so much to offer.”

The events were very well attended with more than 40 Armenian-American and Asian-American student leaders participating in the breakfasts.  A wide variety of topics were discussed, from future career paths to college choices to favorite sports teams.

These breakfasts are a continuation of a series of meetings that Rep. Schiff is hosting with minority student leaders to promote diversity in public service.  He previously hosted meetings with African-American and Latino students.  These events are part of Rep. Schiff’s “Kids First” agenda of initiatives to improve the health care, education and safety of our kids.