Schiff Joins Daphna Ziman to Kick Off Children Uniting Nations' "Keeping the Promise to Our Children" National Conference

Washington, DC –Yesterday morning, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) joined Daphna Ziman to kick off Children Uniting Nations’ “Keeping the Promise to Our Children” National Conference, a day-long forum for policy makers and academics to discuss how our laws can better serve America’s children.

“The greatest measure of a society is how well it treats its most vulnerable population, and in our society, the most vulnerable are our children, and among those -- our foster children,” Rep. Schiff said. “I was pleased to join Daphna this morning to emphasize the importance of caring for our nation’s foster youth, and attacking the tragic prevalence of human trafficking. Congress can and should play an important partnership role in supporting initiatives to help improve the lives of children and families in our communities.”

Children Uniting Nations is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing foster children with quality role-model support, guidance, a sense of community and quality education. The organization matches participants with highly trained mentors that are compassionate and committed, in order to make a positive difference in the lives of our most vulnerable children.

“All children need safe, permanent environments in which to grow and thrive,” Rep. Schiff said. “Daphna and Children Uniting Nations play a critical role in helping children to enter adulthood prepared to live a happy, healthy and productive life, without the handicap of a troubled childhood. We have a responsibility to meet these goals, and anything less is unacceptable.”

As a 25-year mentor in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization, Rep. Schiff has a keen appreciation for the goals of Children Uniting Nations’ mentoring program. He remembers his own experiences with mentoring as one of the best experiences of his life and believes mentoring can have a significant effect on averting young people from negative behavior, and inspiring them to participate successfully in school and community life.

“Daphna Ziman has the biggest heart in this town or any other” Rep. Schiff said. “I am honored to be associated with her and will do everything I can to advance this important issue.”