Schiff, Chabot Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Combat Computer Crimes and Ensure Data Security

Today, Representatives Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Steve Chabot (R-OH) introduced the Cyber-Security Enhancement Act.  The bipartisan bill will help take strong steps to combat cyber crime and protect data security.  In an era of increasingly sophisticated computer technology, this measure would provide better data security protections for both individuals and businesses and would give law enforcement the tools they need to successfully track and prosecute cyber criminals. 

“Criminals are increasingly using new technologies to prey upon their victims,” Schiff said.  “As they adapt to these new opportunities to defraud consumers, we must develop better ways to track down the perpetrators and put them away.  This legislation will help protect American consumers and businesses from the costly effects of cyber crime and identity theft.”

“High tech cyber-criminals are taking advantage of significant gaps in federal criminal statutes,” said Chabot. “We must modernize our laws to reflect the rapid technological advancements that make it relatively easy to hijack control of computers, steal personal identities and commit computer fraud.” 

The Cyber-Security Enhancement Act would:

  • Strengthen existing law by making it a crime to access the personal information of individuals without permission;  
  • Would update RICO predicate offenses to give US law enforcement the legal ability to investigate and prosecute organized crime syndicates;  
  • Call for stricter penalties for those who are found guilty of computer crimes;
  • Provide additional federal funding to the Secret Service, FBI, and Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute cyber crimes; and
  • Expand the scope of cyber crime offenses to make it easier to catch and prosecute cyber criminals.