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September 14, 2023

Schiff Announces $3.9 Million Grant for L.A. County Public Works

Washington, DC — Today, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) announced a $3.9 million federal grant which will be awarded to the Los Angeles County Public Works to upgrade and expand recycling infrastructure and waste management systems.

These funds, which were made possible through the Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling (SWIFR) Program established by the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, will support the designing and construction of a facility that processes organic waste through anaerobic digestion – which will reduce methane emissions. The new facility will also recycle waste to create new products, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions from landfills, and fulfill state requirements for organic waste reduction.

“This grant is a huge investment in creating more equitable and environmentally friendly waste disposal processes for communities across Los Angeles. Without the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, we would not have the funding to make this a reality. I will always fight for more funding for projects in California that help improve our infrastructure, quality of life, and environment. I look forward to seeing the improvements to our recycling and waste management services that will come from this grant,” said Rep. Schiff.