Schiff Alarmed, Saddened by Attack on CBS Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan

Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) released the following statement about the attack on CBS Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan, who was sexually assaulted and beaten in Cairo on Friday, while covering rallies marking the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak:

“I am deeply alarmed and saddened by the news that CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan, who was covering the reaction to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation in Tahrir Square on Friday, Feb. 11, was separated from her crew by a mob of more than 200 people and severely sexually assaulted.

“Fortunately, a group of Egyptian women and soldiers ultimately rescued her, and she is now recovering after being hospitalized in Washington, DC. However, the assault is a reminder of the abuse and harassment that many journalists face across the globe. According to Reporters Without Borders, five reporters have already been killed in 2011, and 152 are behind bars. Since 1992, 850 reporters have been killed around the world.

“Reporting is a dangerous business and female correspondents can be much more vulnerable during chaotic events. Logan has courageously dedicated herself to covering battlefields for nearly 20 years. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family as she recovers.”

Rep. Schiff is founder and Co-Chairof the Congressional Caucus for Freedom of the Press. The bipartisan bicameral caucus was founded in May 2006, and aims to advance press freedom around the world by creating a forum to combat and condemn media censorship and the persecution of journalists around the world.