Rep. Schiff Urges Congress to Pass Gun Safety Laws After Isla Vista Shooting – "What Will It Take to Get Congress Moving on Responsible Gun Safety Laws?"

Los Angeles, CA –Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a former federal prosecutor, released the following statement calling on Congress to move on responsible and commonsense gun safety laws in the wake of yet another mass shooting in Isla Vista, California:

"The shooting at Isla Vista is another heartbreaking tragedy, and another example of the senseless gun violence affecting our communities. What will it take to get the Congress moving on responsible gun safety laws?  What will it take to keep guns out of the hands of seriously mentally ill people?  How many more Sandy Hooks, Auroras, Stocktons, Columbines, Virginia Techs, and Isla Vistas must we have?  How many more cities and schools will have names that become synonymous with gun violence?  Where does it end?

"With each of these tragedies, the fabric of our country is torn a bit more. Are we ready to say enough is enough?  Will our Congress listen if we do?"