Rep. Schiff: Support Alternative 20 in Los Angeles River Study

 Angeles, CA – Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) released the following statement supporting Alternative 20 in the Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Study and encouraged constituents to weigh in during the 45 day comment period and join a rally planned for tomorrow at Marsh Street Nature Park:

“Since 2010, when I worked with Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard to designate the L.A. River as part of the Department of the Interior’s ‘America’s Great Outdoors’ program – the Army Corps of Engineers has been conducting the Los Angeles River Restoration Feasibility Study in partnership with the City of Los Angeles, to investigate opportunities to restore the natural and cultural heritage of the L.A. River.

“Today, I join fellow nature lovers and river advocates in voicing my support for Alternative 20 – and a comprehensive restoration of the LA River. The Army Corps’ report showcased several different alternatives for restoration of the L.A. River, and it’s now up to river advocates to push for an expansive plan that will make the river contiguous and includes significant ecological restoration – and the best choice is  ‘Alternative 20.’ This option – called RIVER, for Riparian Integration via Varied Ecological Reintroduction – combines all the elements of other alternatives (10, 13 and 16) and additional smaller features from still yet other alternatives (2, 3 and 7), with restoration of the Verdugo Wash confluence and the Cornfields site.

“I recently had the pleasure of taking my son on a kayaking adventure down the Los Angeles River – and witnessed a true revival of this wonderful habitat.  We saw abundant plant life, navigated rapids – almost fell over several times – watched a blue heron dry its wings, and marveled at the resiliency of the nature around us. I've gone running and biking along the river, attended community events and cleanups along its banks, and seen firsthand how a river that once divided communities is now bringing them back together. It’s my hope that the Army Corps of Engineers will continue to work with the City and nature lovers to embrace a public-private partnership and complete restoration of the L.A. River so that the ecosystem remains strong for future generations.”