Rep. Schiff Statement on Yemen

“The Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates-backed military offensive on the port city of Hudaydah – Yemen’s remaining commercial and humanitarian lifeline – poses a grave risk of prolonging the conflict and deepening the world’s worst man-made humanitarian catastrophe. Relief groups and human rights monitors in Yemen have repeatedly warned that such an operation may result in vicious and protracted fighting, devastating destruction, an immense number of casualties, and terrible humanitarian suffering throughout the country. Despite these warnings, and notwithstanding deep ties with these Gulf partners, the Trump Administration has failed to exert its influence to help protect the lives of millions of innocent civilians in Yemen who may now pay the price if this military escalation continues.

“Iran has played a dangerous and destructive role in backing and arming the Houthi rebels, and facilitating attacks on Saudi Arabia. But it is long past time for all parties to acknowledge that there is no military solution to the conflict, and escalation will only increase already-unimaginable suffering. And it is time for the Trump Administration to stop dithering and support, rather than undercut, the recently appointed United Nations Envoy Martin Griffiths’ efforts to secure an immediate cease-fire, protect the port, safeguard the transit of commercial goods and humanitarian supplies, and bring the parties to the negotiating table.

“If an offensive by Saudi Arabia and the UAE further escalates the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, President Trump must make it clear that any U.S. military support that enables the military campaign in Yemen will be curtailed.”