Rep. Schiff Statement on Voting Against Final Passage of CISPA


Washington, DC –Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a senior Member of the Intelligence Committee, released the following statement after voting against final passage of CISPA on the House Floor:

“Throughout the debate on CISPA, I have sought to ensure that the privacy of Americans was protected, a goal that can easily be accomplished while still allowing for increased sharing of cyber security information. And while progress has been made, the bill still lacks any requirement that private companies remove the personal information of Americans before sharing cyber security information with the government or other companies.  This concern, and others, was reflected in the sizable and bipartisan "no" vote on the CISPA today.

“As the debate moves to the Senate, I hope a stronger effort will be made to take into account the privacy concerns expressed by the White House, civil liberties groups, and House members from both parties. There have been improvements to the bill, but significant problems remain before the American people can feel confident that their privacy is not being unnecessarily compromised.”

Rep. Schiff spoke on the House Floor yesterday regarding his concerns about CISPA – view the video here.