Rep. Schiff Statement on Deal Reached With Iran on Nuclear Weapon Development

Washington, DC -- Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), a senior Member of the Intelligence Committee, released the following statement:

"The agreement reached today between the world powers and Iran is a positive step forward in the diplomatic effort to roll back Iran's nuclear program. This interim deal, which provides limited and reversible relief from sanctions for a six month period, requires Iran to eliminate its stockpile of uranium enriched to 20 percent, and freezes its 3.5 percent stockpile, while submitting to intrusive inspections. The hope is that during the next six months a final agreement can be reached to verifiably end Iran's nuclear weapons program.

"I have little trust in the Iranian regime, and we will need to scrutinize Iranian behavior to ensure they do not cheat. If they do, or if at the end of six months they fail to agree on a final resolution, we must freeze all Iranian assets and ramp up even more punitive sanctions.  Iran must not mistake our resolve that it never be permitted to obtain the bomb, threaten the U.S. and Israel, and touch off a regional nuclear arms race.

"At the same time, if Iran's new President can make good on his stated intention, the next six months could mark a turning point in our relations with Iran of historic significance."