Rep. Schiff Meets with Interns from Armenian National Committee of America and Armenian Assembly of America

Washington – Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) met with several interns from the Armenian National Committee of America in his Washington D.C. office. The interns discussed their work at the ANCA and priorities for the Armenian-American community, both in Congress and at home. They were also given a chance to ask Rep. Schiff questions about his work in Congress and to suggest ideas for legislation.

“I am always pleased to see young people in our country engaging in public service and the legislative process, and am especially impressed when they demonstrate such enthusiasm and commitment. The experiences and professional development that internships provide will position these students well for their future endeavors.”

In June, Rep. Schiff also met with several students from the Armenian Assembly of America who came to visit his Washington D.C. office. The students thanked him for sponsoring the Armenian Genocide Resolution and for creating awareness by speaking on the House Floor in Armenian. They also shared family stories and asked Rep. Schiff about his priorities this Congress.

"I am proud to represent a large and vibrant Armenian community, which has so enriched our nation in so many fields,” Rep. Schiff said. "As a friend of the Armenian community, I will continue working hard to pursue recognition for the 1.5 million victims of the Armenian Genocide, as well as policies to ensure a better life for the Armenian people in our communities and throughout the world."