January 09, 2014

Rep. Schiff Announces $20 Million Grant to Repair Tunnel Damaged During July Fuel-Tanker Fire

Washington, DC –Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) announced that the Department of Transportation (DOT) has awarded a grant to Caltrans to help pay for the repairs to a tunnel linking the northbound 5 and 2 freeways which was damaged by a fuel-tanker fire in July.  After the accident and ensuing fire, Caltrans said "intense heat from the tanker fire caused extensive damage to the pavement, walls, support columns, drainage and lighting."  This grant for $20 million from the DOT’s Federal Highway Administration, will allow for the repair of the tunnel and effected roadway.

“In a time of shrinking transportation and infrastructure spending at the state level, this grant comes as a welcome relief for Caltrans,” said Schiff.  

This grant – authorized until the Emergency Relief program – will help Caltrans pay for the repairs that are currently ongoing.  Under the Emergency Relief program, these funds are only able to be applied after the President or the Governor issues a formal emergency declaration and the State files a request for ER for the cost of damages to its eligible highways. Eligible repair work includes emergency repairs needed to restore essential traffic, minimize the extent of damage, or protect the remaining facilities as well as permanent repairs necessary to restore the highway to its pre-disaster condition.