Rep. Adam Schiff Statement on Yom HaShoah

Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) released the following statement: 

“Today marks Yom HaShoah, the annual day of remembrance and mourning for the six million Jews and the millions of others who perished in the Holocaust.

“On this day, we solemnly remember the lives lost, and rededicate ourselves to combatting the hatred and bigotry that gave rise to such dehumanization and horror. We also pay tribute to those who survived the Holocaust, many of whom are alive today because of the courage of average citizens who risked everything to protect friends, neighbors, and strangers from Nazi persecution. We must listen to their stories and pass them on to our children and our children’s children. Only in this way can we ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust – that we must fight against persecution wherever we find it and never be silent –  are not lost. 

“Yom HaShoah tells us that ‘Never Again’ is not a phrase, but a promise, and that we must work ceaselessly to stamp out anti-Semitism, racism, and xenophobia, here at home and around the world.”