Kathryn Perini Named a "Woman of the Year" In the 29th Congressional District

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Contact: Sean Oblack (202) 225-4176

Kathryn Perini Named a “Woman of the Year” In the 29th Congressional District

Washington, D.C. – On Saturday at a reception in Pasadena, Representative Adam Schiff honored Kathryn Perini for her commitment and service to Temple City by naming her a “Woman of the Year.” 

“Few people take the chance to positively impact their community to the extent that Kathy has,” said Schiff.  “Kathy has helped develop a new generation of bright and giving Americans, and we are fortunate to have her leadership in our community.”

A life long Temple City resident, Kathy earned her degrees at the nearby University of Southern California and returned to her hometown to apply her education towards helping the people she knew and loved. Kathy began as a teacher and a counselor and she eventually became the principal of Emperor Elementary, a California Distinguished School.

At Emperor, Kathy has created and maintained cooperative and influential relationships with the community, parents, teachers, and students. With a clear action plan, she has crafted a school of academic scholars who benefit from Character Education as the curriculum’s core. Kathy also shares her insight by working as a consultant, helping regional and nation-wide schools develop not only educated but also responsible citizens. Various esteemed organizations have recognized her with awards, from local PTA groups to the National Character Education Center and the Mattel Foundation Family Learning Program.

Throughout her years as an education trailblazer, Kathy has remained devoted to giving back to the community that helped raise her. In 1986 she founded the Temple City Youth Development program to benefit local students unable to afford extensive field study trips and remains the non-profit’s director today. For nearly twenty years Kathy has been a dedicated member of the Tournament of Roses and presently serves on the organization’s Executive Committee.

Kathy’s dual roles as educator and community leader were tested in early 2006 when her school fell victim to the violent act of arson. Even in the face of adversity, she rose to the challenge by reaching out to the community for supplies to ensure that all her students’ needs were met, regardless of the devastating classroom destruction. In response, Kathy was happily inundated with resources, support, and encouragement.

Every March, during Women’s History Month, Rep. Schiff honors one outstanding woman from each of the communities in the 29th Congressional District.  These women come from all walks of life and represent the thousands.