Four Southern California Congressmen Meet With More Than 200 Pro-Israel Activists From Los Angeles County

Washington, D.C. – Together, Representatives Henry Waxman (CA-30), Howard Berman (CA-28), Brad Sherman (CA-27), and Adam Schiff (CA-29) met with more than two hundred pro-Israel activists from Los Angeles visiting Washington, DC for the annual AIPAC Policy Conference.  Today’s meeting, which is an annual event that coincides with AIPAC’s policy conference, provided these four members of Congress the opportunity to speak directly with their local constituents on how to strengthen US-Israel relations.

To view photos of the meeting, please click HERE.

“This was a remarkable group of Californians dedicated to advancing the security and partnership of the United States and Israel. Their energy and commitment are more important than ever as Israel faces challenging times,” said Rep. Henry Waxman.

“I’m honored to be joined by so many fellow Californians who share my deep concern for the State of Israel and my firm support for US-Israeli ties. Together we discussed the importance of a nuclear weapons-free Iran, the regional threats Israel is facing, and challenges in restarting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.  I look forward to continuing to work with my fellow Californians to ensure Israel’s security,” added Rep. Howard Berman.

“It was outstanding to see so many constituents and others from Los Angeles here for the AIPAC Conference today.  These people who have travelled from the other side of the country are a testament to the strength of the pro-Israel movement in LA and across the country.  Those who made the trip have played an indispensible role in building support for new Iran sanctions legislation and other priorities,” noted Rep. Brad Sherman.

“This is a moment of promise and peril for Israel and the region, and today was a great opportunity to engage in a dialogue with some of Israel’s strongest supporters in California to get their input on how best to ensure the security of our friend and ally, and bring peace to the Middle East,” stated Rep. Adam Schiff.