July 25, 2022

Congressman Schiff Tours Future Site of Thai Town Marketplace, Funded Through Federal Budget

On Monday, Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) joined Thai Community Development Center leadership to announce the organization has received $1 million in federal funds to complete the Thai Town Marketplace – a public market and small business incubator in East Hollywood that will provide local entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase food, artisanship, and traditional products reflective of the diverse cultures of the area, and train them to launch their own small businesses. The Marketplace is expected to open in fall 2022.

The $1 million Schiff secured for the project through Congress’s 2022 federal government funding legislation will go towards completing the construction of the marketplace and supporting startup costs, after delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic increased the projected costs of a project more than 15 years in the making. The marketplace is one of ten Schiff-backed health, housing, education, and cultural programs in California’s 28th district that received nearly $8 million in total funding.

“Pursuing a lifelong dream like opening your own business requires a leap of faith that few of us are brave enough to take. But it also takes a considerable amount of resources, money, and support from your local community, family and friends. And that’s why this project is so special – by giving these vendors an accessible entry point to take their talents, ambitions, and ideas to the next level, the Thai CDC is going to nurture a whole new generation of local chefs, artists, and artisans, as well as grow jobs and help our local community,” said Schiff. “This is exactly the type of project I wanted to support with these new federal dollars, because it’s going to do so much good here in East Hollywood, and bring immediate, tangible benefits to our community.”

Schiff toured the Marketplace’s nearly-completed construction site, including vendor stalls, kitchens, and the outdoor seating area. He also met with several of the Marketplace’s future vendors, local chefs aspiring to start their own restaurants.

Schiff also hosted a media availability with Thai CDC Founder and Executive Director Chancee Martorell, Board of Directors Member Matthew Lum, and a mother and daughter who will run one of the food stalls when the Marketplace opens, to talk about the impact the project will have on the local community and future generations of business owners and leaders, as well as how the $1 million in federal funding will allow the Marketplace to finally open its doors later this fall.

“On behalf of the Thai Community Development Center and the Thai community we serve, I wish to express our most heartfelt gratitude for this extraordinary investment in our community and in the lives, dreams and aspirations of Thai immigrant entrepreneurs who will launch their American dreams on the opening day of the Thai Town Marketplace. Thank you for your confidence in our community, in the strength, determination and resourcefulness of ordinary people, and in the power of dreams. We recognize that this contribution was made through the hard work and sacrifices of the American people, and we pledge that it will be invested directly into the building of America through the hard work and sacrifices of our newest Americans. Thank you once again for helping us make the Thai Town Marketplace a reality that will continue generating new businesses, jobs and economic growth for generations to come,” said Martorell.

In Congress’s 2023 federal government funding legislation, Schiff requested nearly $15.4 million for more critical housing, homelessness support, employment, public safety, public health, and education projects throughout Burbank, Glendale, and Los Angeles.

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Eve Schiff, Congressman Schiff, and Chancee Martorell chat with a future Marketplace vendor about their plans for their food stall.




Congressman Schiff and Thai Community Development Center leadership, staff, and volunteers.