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August 24, 2022

Congressman Schiff on Ukraine Independence Day

“31 years ago today, following a failed coup attempt by Soviet hardliners, Ukraine declared its sovereignty ‘considering the will of the Ukrainian people and their eternal desire for independence.’ For decades since, Ukraine Independence Day has been a joyous occasion marked by festivals, parades, and celebrations of the tremendous resilience and spirit of the Ukrainian people.

“But today, there will not be the usual celebrations in Ukraine – because today also marks exactly six months since Vladimir Putin launched a bloody and unprovoked invasion of their sovereign nation. Right now, the brave men and women of Ukraine are fighting for their lives and liberty to defend all that this date represents: peace, freedom, and the promise of democracy. And despite the odds, what they have proven is that their spirit is unbreakable, and their will to fight second-to-none. They have answered the call to defend their homeland and shown the world that the Ukrainian people will not bend to Putin’s belligerence – that no matter how hard he tries, he will never conquer Ukraine’s strong hearts and minds.

“On this special and solemn day, we come together to pray for the Ukrainian people, and renew our support for their sovereignty. Congress and the United States must continue to provide robust humanitarian, economic, and military assistance to their cause during, and after this war. And as Americans, we must all recommit ourselves to championing and promoting the democratic ideals we hold most dear – and to fighting back against the autocratic threats that imperil us at home and abroad.

“May the memory of those lost be a blessing, and may we never waver in our support for the Ukrainian people, so they may celebrate their hard-won independence once again.”