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September 21, 2021

Congressman Schiff on the Need to Prevent A Government Shutdown

“A shutdown would be absolutely catastrophic for millions of families struggling to get back on their feet and make ends meet due to the ongoing pandemic. 

“This continuing resolution will allow us to further our work making historic investments in infrastructure, climate action, communities, and families, while also meeting the time-sensitive needs facing our country, from supporting those devastated by recent natural disasters to helping resettle our Afghan allies and partners. It will also allow us to fulfill our commitments to Social Security recipients, veterans, and the millions of Americans who have benefited from COVID-19 relief legislation by raising the debt limit.

“It comes as no surprise that House Republicans refused to keep the government running, as Kevin McCarthy continues to reach new heights of recklessness by playing political games and refusing to see through our commitments to seniors, veterans, and families. After enacting a two trillion-dollar gift for corporations and the richest Americans, they have once again shown they have no interest in helping middle and working class Americans — just par for the course for McCarthy and House Republicans.”