November 15, 2021

Congressman Schiff on President Biden Signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Into Law

 “President Biden came into office at the beginning of this year with a straightforward mandate: to build America back better, through physical infrastructure and investments in people that could lift up American families and set them on a path to a more prosperous future. Today, he delivered on the promise of modernizing and upgrading our roads, bridges, broadband, schools, hospitals, energy and water infrastructure in a way that will create jobs, grow our economy, fight climate change, and lay the foundation for our nation to compete in the 21st century.

“But now it is time to finish the job and deliver on our full promise to the American people. This week, the House must pass the second half of the President’s agenda as soon as possible: the ‘human infrastructure’ that will ensure our new, stronger economy works for everyone. For far too long, access to affordable health care, housing, childcare, education, and clean energy solutions has stood between millions of American families and economic security. If we truly want to position our communities not only survive, but to thrive and compete, we must invest in them, too – not  just the infrastructure around them. That is exactly what the Build Back Better Act will do, and there’s no time left to waste in getting this done. Our people are counting on us.”