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March 26, 2022

Congressman Schiff on Efforts to Provide Californians Relief from High Gas Prices

“Los Angeles County residents and our neighbors are facing a whopping $6 per gallon average price for gasoline. This is the harsh reality for millions of Californians who rely on their vehicles every single day to get to work, to get their children to school, their loved ones to the doctor or the grocery store, and much more. Governor Newsom’s proposal to send direct payments to vehicle owners and to make other transportation options free will provide an immediate dose of much-needed relief for our workers and families, and I applaud his leadership.

“We know these gas prices are inflated because of the unscrupulous actions of oil and gas companies looking to make record profits off the war in Ukraine, among other causes. Their profiteering is maddening, and I strongly support imposing a profit windfall tax to address their behaviors.

“Furthermore, these sky-high prices are only the latest reminder that our nation’s dependence on oil is not sustainable – for our people and for our planet. We have to do everything we can to hasten our transition to green, renewable sources of energy, so that Californians today and tomorrow can support their families in a cleaner, safer world. Never again should we beholden to oil-producing autocrats in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, or elsewhere for our energy needs.”