December 01, 2021

Congressman Schiff on Clark Contempt Vote

“The January 6 Select Committee has voted unanimously and in bipartisan fashion to move forward a criminal contempt of Congress against Jeffery Clark. Mr. Clark has direct knowledge of former President Donald Trump’s efforts to politicize the Department of Justice following the November election and prevent the peaceful transfer of power. Clark reportedly discussed efforts to enlist the Justice Department in a plan to slow the appointment of electors in Georgia and other states and replace them with electors who did not reflect the actual votes cast. He was also reportedly involved in trying to secure a false statement from the DOJ regarding a nonexistent investigation into massive voter fraud.

“At the eleventh hour, Mr. Clark has agreed to appear before our committee once again. This time to assert a Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. If Mr. Clark makes the assertion that answering particular questions about the scheme to overturn the election would tend to incriminate him, that is a weighty matter, and the committee will soberly assess whether that privilege has been properly invoked. But Mr. Clark may not make that assertion as a generic matter, heedless of the particular question asked, lacking in a factual basis to make the assertion, or as part of a bad faith effort to shield the former president from exposure of misconduct.

“We will continue to press forward in our investigation and, when necessary, act swiftly against those who believe they are above the law.”