March 08, 2022

Congressman Schiff on Ban on Russian Oil and Gas

"Driving up the cost of this unprecedented and bloody war for Vladimir Putin will be critical in ending his campaign of suffering and death – and that is precisely what the Biden Administration did by banning the sale of Russian oil and gas to the United States.

"This is an appropriate course of action that will impose an additional toll on the Russian economy and help rob Putin of the resources and public support he needs to continue the war.

"The American people are in agreement: Banning Russian energy is the right thing to do to help the people of Ukraine. The President understands this may put a further strain on families here at home in the form of higher gas prices. And we must make every effort to lighten that burden and others, when it comes to the cost of living for our families. This is a top priority as well  

"In addition to the actions taken today, Congress and the administration will continue to work with our NATO partners to help wean Europe off its dependence on Russian oil and gas and, in equal measure, invest in green, renewable energy sources to fill the void.”