Biotechnology Workforce Training Center in Pasadena to Receive Federal Funding

Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Schiff announced that the House Appropriations Committee has passed legislation, which includes $231,000 to support the start-up of three regional non-profit centers designed to assist and enhance development of the region’s innovative biotechnology businesses.  The funding will support the California State University Program for Research and Education in Biotechnology (CSUPERB). The CSUPERB will provide innovative training for this vital industry’s specialized workforce.

“These centers will help train a 21st century workforce in the fast moving field of biotechnology,” Schiff said.  “Advances in biotech have already transformed the field of medicine.  California is a worldwide leader in the life sciences, as home to more than half the biotechnology firms in America.  Many of the new leaders in this field are start-up firms, spun off from Caltech.  This training project will help keep Southern California on the forefront of biotech generally, and grow the emerging biotech corridor in our own community. The experts trained in the Cal State system will move into the biotechnology workforce and help develop the next generation of biologically derived medical treatments and cures.”

“Biotechnology is one of the most exciting and promising industries of our era,” said State Senator Jack Scott, 21st state senate district.  “This new federal funding is a very important component in continuing California's development as a leader in biotechnology.  The Pasadena workforce training center will build on my earlier work with the state and California State University to make Pasadena a biotech anchor for the Los Angeles region.  This center will help address our region's strong local demand for biotech training, research, and incubation services.”

The funding provided in the Financial Services Appropriations bill was included at the request of Rep. Schiff, who is a member of the subcommittee which drafted the measure.  The CSUPERB is creating three regional biotechnology workforce training centers in the Pasadena, East Bay, and San Diego areas.  The centers could also meet other regional needs, such as training members of the first responder community in biotechnology-related procedures. Achieving these goals will require the development of training programs, laboratories, and applied research settings.