Schiff: Turks Would Be Psychologically “Devastated” By Admitting Armenian Genocide (KABC)

Turkish intransigence over admitting the slaughter by the Ottoman government of one and half Armenians a century ago continues to frustrate and baffle much of the world.  Congressman Adam Schiff says the Turkish authorities are hurting their own people by failing to own up to a dismal chapter in their country’s history.

“They start to become culpable when they hide the crimes of what went before and are unwilling to make recognition of what their ancestors did, or are unwilling to be part of a process of reparations. Then I think the modern generation of Turks bears great responsibility for continuing this injury.”

Schiff adds that the continued cover up and denial of the genocide is not only an obstruction of justice, but a continuing injury to the descendants of survivors. For the Turks, delaying the day of reckoning will only make it harder to confront the truth.

“Psychologically, I think it could be quite devastating for them to come to grips with their past.”

Schiff also took issue with the U.S. government’s failure to officially recognize the genocide because of Turkey’s vital strategic importance in projecting American power in the Middle East.

Schiff represents the 28th Congressional District, which includes a large number of Armenian-Americans.  He was a guest on 790 KABC’s McIntyre in the Morning Show with Doug McIntyre and Terri-Rae Elmer.

Source: KABC