Ranking member of House Intelligence Committee says feds still have no evidence that Farook was 'radicalized' (Los Angeles Times)

Investigators are still trying to identify the motive behind the shooting rampage in San Bernardino on Wednesday, and whether the two assailants had any links to terrorism.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank), the ranking minority member of the House Intelligence Committee who has been briefed on the investigation, said Thursday that federal agents have yet to turn up evidence that Farook was "radicalized."

Schiff said the FBI and other federal investigators are "looking at everyone they can find that these two were in contact with."


“They’re not ready to draw conclusions, but looking at anyone they were involved with that could shed light on what their motivations were,” Schiff said. “The FBI is chasing down leads foreign and domestic, and looking for any evidence of radicalization and external actors” who might have encouraged or directed the attack from abroad.


Earlier in the day, Schiff told the Los Angeles Times that the Islamic State group has applauded the attack online, but the terror group has not claimed responsibility for the shooting so far.


Investigators have said they believe the shooting required preparation, even if the precise timing may have been spurred by an altercation at a holiday party at the Inland Regional Center.

Source: Los Angeles Times