No sign yet that Orlando shooter communicated with terror groups (Los Angeles Times)

Law enforcement and intelligence officials have not yet found evidence of direct communications between Omar Mateen and a known terrorist group, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep.Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank), said. Investigators are still working to determine whether Mateen had help planning the attack or had told anyone about his plans, Schiff said.

The FBI had interviewed Mateen in the past, Schiff said, and now investigators are "scrutinizing his file to determine whether there were other steps that could have been taken."

"It is often the case that people come to potential law enforcement investigation, but it is not enough to make an arrest," he said.


Schiff, who was briefed by intelligence officials Sunday, confirmed the gunman called a 911 operator and pledged allegiance to Islamic State over the phone. There was a second exchange when the 911 operator called the gunman back. Schiff was not sure whether the calls were made before or during the attack.