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NPR 4/23/2015 8:48:51 AM: ...husband to ignore there could be even more resistance to what McConnell's proposing in the House there is a fake very sizeable wipers majority that supports the end to balk call action that California's Adam Schiff ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence committee he says members of both parties in the House are working on legislation that Ms awkward action the public still wants its privacy respected M want to make sure that any government program is constitutional but effective and that structural way that minimizes any position on the privacy of example of the enemies of our lives a year the year of the nets Oklahoma House Republicans have called for us how I speak in Champaign call a snap Election to hear this unnecessary protection while authorities go through scrutiny by the to release there were allegations that in their view authorize or move expeditiously and I would go for a 5 edge on the assumptions that unit has yet to marriage give him here are news Washington and Mrs bills in the Morning Edition on WNYC stay tuned now for the marketplace morning report it's coming up next they'll be filed at 9 o'clock by the BBC News hour and 93 . And them the BBC Lord in the proposal take military action against human traffickers as a possible solution that migrant deaths the Mediterranean coast a special report from the from wine in eastern Ukraine an AMA 29 carpet The take-away of Vegas cocktail waitress explains why she tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace are no laws against or feminist ideals trade offs made by women in the service industry will appear rent in union soaring after with mostly Sunny skies becoming mostly cloudy whereabouts already breezy end call with highs only in the mid 50s tonight mostly cloudy and breezy with only 35 Tomorrow only going up the mid 50s again there will be mostly sunny for much of their breezy as well learn taking Yao will for weekends walking pleaded with highs both these around 60 degrees the deciding on Saturday mostly sunny on Sunday right now is Sunny inured to the 43 degrees in Central Park with a mostly Sunny skies in Ice with a 40 degrees and ...

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