Editorial: In support of Schiff's resolve

It’s been such an oft-repeated action that it’s almost a familiar tradition for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) to introduce a resolution calling on our president to seek the Republic of Turkey’s unequivocal acknowledgment of the Armenian Genocide.

As expected, Schiff, along with more than 40 other members of the House of Representatives, made the valiant attempt earlier this week to right what has been a horrible wrong. Will their efforts succeed in this, the 100th anniversary of the genocide?

We’re not hopeful, but we heartily endorse their dogged determination to insist our country’s leaders summon the courage to stand up to the Turkish government. Should the “Armenian Genocide Truth and Justice Resolution” fail to gain traction this year, we urge Schiff and his colleagues to continue fighting the battle until they succeed.

Turkey has undeniable geostrategic importance, sitting as it does at the very crossroads of Europe and Asia. But our country’s leaders can’t let their fear of harming our bilateral relationship from correcting such an injustice.

Today’s Armenians are long overdue a formal apology. Its absence makes it impossible to heal from the atrocities inflicted on their forebears. There is no better time than this — the century mark of the beginning of the years-long genocide — for our leaders to speak up loudly and very clearly against it and demand that Turkey’s leaders do the same.

Source: Glendale News-Press