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Transportation and Infrastructure

“Infrastructure is about repairing roads and bridges, yes. But it’s also about ensuring those roads and bridges connect our families and communities – and preparing for tomorrow’s challenges. Infrastructure is about building interconnected communities – investing in public transit, expanding access to broadband, creating safe and affordable housing, and ensuring no child in America drinks water from lead pipes. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in our future – and we must not allow this moment to pass us by.”

– Rep. Adam Schiff


Investment in America’s infrastructure is long overdue – and Adam believes we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to repair and rebuild the roads, bridges, housing, and schools Angelenos rely on every day. This will not only improve Californians’ quality of life, but it will also keep America competitive in the global economy. Infrastructure investments are also an opportunity to build out and invest in green technologies and create green jobs that will allow the U.S. to combat the climate crisis.

Revitalizing Our Physical Infrastructure

Adam has worked throughout his time in Congress to secure federal funding for local infrastructure projects, including road, sidewalk, and bridge repairs, expanded electrical vehicle charging locations and investments, programs to combat erosion, increased funding for local public transportation, rail and transit, and resources to improve highways.  Schiff has also supported efforts to increase safe access to road for bicycles.

Adam also believes in preserving and expanding green space in our communities and has supported federal legislation that would help to revitalize parks and park infrastructure. He is also a supporter of local projects such as the proposed 44-acre Hollywood Central Park, which would create a street-level expansion of green space over the 101 Freeway between Hollywood and Santa Monica Boulevards.  

Supporting Green, Public Transportation

Adam has long supported transportation projects that alleviate Los Angeles’s congestion, reach underserved communities, and pave the way towards a greener future. In June 2021, he secured nearly $20 million in funding for local transportation and infrastructure priorities in his district, which he will continue to work for. Adam is a vocal proponent of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021, believing it is a down payment on critically needed green technology investments. He believes that the Senate must pass the Build Back Better Act to comprehensively invest in green infrastructure and jobs.

Since his days as a state Senator, Adam was known as the “father” of the Pasadena Gold Line – which provides light rail transit to L.A. County’s San Gabriel Valley and foothill communities – and remains committed to funding this and other transportation projects that will benefit areas still underserved by public transit options.

Regulating Helicopter Traffic over Residential Neighborhoods

For most Angelenos, frequent helicopter noise is a way of life—and not a welcome one. Adam has led the charge on efforts to ensure that the use of helicopters near residential areas does not reduce the quality of life for L.A. residents.

Adam, with the support of Los Angeles congressional delegation, successfully passed a legislative provision that required the FAA to initiate regulations addressing helicopter noise above L.A. In 2015, the FAA launched a helicopter noise complaint system for Los Angeles County, but the Secretary of Transportation also determined that enough progress had been made to avoid regulatory action on helicopter traffic in the county. More recently, the FAA decided to terminate funding for the noise complaint system altogether.

Adam strongly disagreed with both decisions and continues to urge the FAA to improve the noise complaint system rather than terminate its funding. In the meantime, Adam will continue to work with the community, the FAA, and helicopter operators to bring relief to Los Angeles residents.

Noise Concerns at Hollywood Burbank Airport

Adam recognizes that many residents who live near the Hollywood Burbank Airport continue to experience disruptive noise from flights, particularly at night, and have been frustrated with the FAA’s implementation of new routes at the airport. In March 2019, Adam joined Rep. Brad Sherman and Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris in formally asking the FAA to lead community roundtables to address noise issues.

Adam has also supported a mandatory nighttime curfew for Bob Hope Airport so that Burbank residents can sleep peacefully. He will continue to work with the FAA, airports in our region, and the affected communities to help achieve meaningful relief for citizens of San Fernando Valley.