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Space Exploration

“Answering the big questions about our planet and the history of the cosmos means investing today in the missions that will provide us with a better understanding of the earth, and take robotic probes to Mars, the moons of Jupiter, and beyond. Science and the majesty of space have the ability to inspire all generations of Americans, as we look to the skies and dream big.”

– Rep. Adam Schiff


As the longtime representative of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Adam has seen first-hand the impact that investment in pioneering space exploration and research can have on both the local economy and our broader understanding of the world, our solar system, and the universe. Adam believes America must remain a leader in discovering new information about our universe and the planet we call home and ensure that we do all we can to prioritize the mission to explore space and its many wonders and mysteries. 

Supporting NASA’s Budget and Core Mission

Since the earliest days of the space age, NASA has played a major role in the scientific and technological pre-eminence of the United States, and Adam has fought to prevent a drift away from investment in maintaining our leadership of the exploration of the cosmos, particularly as other nations increase their investments. Adam believes that scientific innovation is the cornerstone of the 21st-century economy, and technological breakthroughs depend upon a steady flow of promising new discoveries and the contributions of skilled researchers assisted by federal science investments in universities and National Laboratories.   
As the representative for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Schiff has successfully ensured robust funding for NASA, particularly its planetary science mission and earth science missions, is prioritized and included in each year’s government funding bill. These investments pay dividends not only for NASA, but also for entrepreneurs and inventors in California and around the country.


Prioritizing Planetary Science – The Crown Jewel of NASA

Adam is determined to maintain America’s advantage in robotic space exploration and believes science and technology funding is vital to ensuring that America continues to be at the forefront. He has successfully fought to restore a series of extremely damaging funding cuts to planetary science, widely known as the “crown jewel” of America’s space program – and much of which takes place at JPL. He is also pushing to make a new mission to Jupiter’s moon, Europa, a reality, which many scientists think possibly harbors life.


Unlocking A Future for Human Space Flight

Adam supports a robust human spaceflight program that builds off the successes of commercially developed vehicles, technologies, and systems to resupply the International Space Station and reach low-Earth orbit. With the first unmanned tests of the Orion crew vehicle and the ongoing development of the rockets to get us into orbit and beyond, Adam is confident that America’s human spaceflight program will achieve new heights with continued support from Congress.