Press Releases

October 2006
House and Senate Pass Legislation to Block U.S. Aid for an Armenia Railroad Bypass
September 2006
Issa/Schiff Patent Pilot Bill Approved by Voice Vote
Schiff, Flake, Offer Bipartisan Measure to Prohibit NSA Surveillance of Americans on American Soil Unless Authorized by Law
House Approves Legislation to Extend Aid to School Systems Recovering from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Schiff Amendment to Address the Threat Posed by Improvised Explosive Devices Sent to the President's Desk for a Signature
House Passes Schiff Sponsored Legislation to Secure Our Borders
Schiff Offers Bipartisan Amendment to Establish Clearly Defined Laws Prohibiting Torture and Inhumane Treatment
IRS Actions on Sermons Questioned by Lawmakers
Congressman Schiff Applauds Sen. Menendez's Actions to Halt the Nomination of Richard Hoagland as the next U.S. Ambassador to Armenia
The Crisis in Iraq
Judiciary Committee Approves Issa/Schiff Legislation to Improve Patent Litigation in District Courts
Congressman Schiff Writes to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Urging Opposition to Bolton Nomination
July 2006
Schiff Works to Broaden Intelligence Oversight
Supporting a Fair and Livable Minimum Wage
Two Schiff Proposals to Stop Internet Predators, Solve Murders Become Law
Condemning the Recent Attacks Against the State of Israel
Schiff Calls on Armenian President to Extradite a Glendale Murder Suspect
Schiff Invites Constituents to Participate in a Letter Writing Campaign to Raise Awareness and Call for Action to Stop the Genocide in Darfur
Representative Schiff Cosponsors Major Energy Independence Bill
Improving Health Through Stem Cell Research
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