Press Releases

February 2009
Schiff, Bono Mack Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Address Gang Violence
Schiff Attends Meeting at White House with President Obama
Schiff's Bill to Pay Tribute to "Go for Broke" Regiments Collects More Than 100 Cosponsors
OPED: Stimulus Package a Crucial First Step to Reignite the Economy
Schiff Votes to Extend Health Care to Millions of Children in Need
Congressman Adam Schiff Comments on DOJ Arrest in Case of Terrorist Hoax Letters
January 2009
Schiff Supports American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in Speech on House Floor
Reviving the American Economy
Schiff Reintroduces Legislation to "Fingerprint" Nuclear Material
The Year of the Ox
Press Freedom in Sri Lanka
Reps. Schiff and Issa, Sen. Specter Introduce Legislation to Improve Patent Litigation in District Courts
Opinion: Military courts-martial should replace failed Guantanamo policy
Schiff Introduces Bill to Pay Tribute to "Go for Broke" Regiments
Honor the "Go For Broke" Regiment
Schiff, Giffords Introduce Bill to Allow One of America's Largest Consumers of Energy to Dramatically Expand its Purchase of Clean Affordable Wind and Solar Energy
The Situation in Gaza
October 2008
Schiff Receives High Marks on Voting Record
President Signs into Law Schiff, Waxman, Gallegly Provisions Requiring Stricter Standards on Collision Avoidance Systems Implementation on Major U.S. Rail Lines
September 2008
Schiff Works to Honor Japanese-American World War II Veterans
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