Press Releases

March 2011
Emily Mayorga Named a "Woman of the Year" in the 29th Congressional District
Schiff Applauds International Community's Decision to Stand with the People of Libya in Their Moment of Opportunity and Need
Katie's Law Legislation Introduced in the House of Representatives
Schiff Tapped to Serve as Ranking Member on House Intelligence Subcommittee
Schiff Supports $39 billion in Spending Cuts to Reduce Deficit
Glendale, Monterey Park Fire Departments Awarded AFG Grants
February 2011
Schiff, Sherman and Berman Introduce Legislation to Allow Bob Hope, Van Nuys Airports to Adopt Curfews
Schiff Appalled by Escalation of Lethal Force, Stands with Libyan People
Schiff Introduces Legislation to Extend, Expand Use of Build America Bonds Program
Schiff Alarmed, Saddened by Attack on CBS Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan
Schiff Condemns Use of Force against Iranian Protesters
Schiff Seeks Dedication of Altadena Post Office to First Lieutenant Oliver Goodall
Schiff Introduces Resolution Expressing Solidarity with the People of Egypt As they Begin their Democratic Transition
Schiff, Sherman and Berman Urge Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure to Address Oversight in the Airport Noise and Capacity Act
Schiff Calls on Constituents to Nominate Outstanding Women for a Congressional Award
Schiff Condemns Escalation of Violence in Egypt, Intimidation and Attacks on Journalists
Schiff distressed by peaceful protest turned bloody melee in Egypt
January 2011
Resources & Contact Information for Egypt Inquiries
Schiff Deplores Egyptian Government's Use of Force, Attacks on Free Press
Schiff Statement on Hu Jintao's Promise to Take Action on Software Piracy, Protectionism
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