Wall Street Journal: Lawmakers Mostly Back Obama's Campaign Against Islamic State

Siobhan Hughes and Felicia Schwartz report on Congressional support for campaign against ISIL.

Lawmakers on Wednesday generally endorsed President Barack Obama's campaign against Islamic State militants following the group's release of a videotape of the beheading of an American journalist, though some key Republicans said the president should go further.

"The caucus is supportive of what the president has been doing, but I think there is concern that there is no easy way of defining the end of our involvement," said Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.) describing the sentiment among House Democrats expressed during caucus-wide phone calls over lawmakers' August recess.

"There's no sure way to prevent mission creep and define the mission in a way that it doesn't get out of hand, and that's going to require a very conscious effort by the administration to resist the Iraqi calls to do more and more and more," he said. "It's going to require vigorous oversight by the Congress to make sure that the administration despite its best efforts doesn't get sucked into a level of commitment that the country isn't willing to support."

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By:  Siobhan Hughes and Felicia Schwartz
Source: Wall Street Journal