Schiff Calls for Change to Terrorist Database (Los Feliz Ledger)

In light of the worst mass shooting in American history, Congressman Adam Schiff, who represents California’s 28th district—which includes Atwater Village, Echo Park, the Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz and Silver Lake—sent a letter to President Obama urging him to take gun control legislation further.

In his letter, Schiff voiced his support for the “no fly no buy” policies proposed by the president, which would prevent known or suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms or explosives.

He additionally requested Obama enact a change in policy to allow the FBI—at their discretion—to maintain a flag on an individual suspected of terrorism, even after that individual is no longer under investigation.


While under existing law, designation as a known or suspected terrorist is not cause to prohibit a gun sale, Schiff’s proposed system would trigger a 72-hour waiting period and would provide notification of the purchase to the FBI.


Such a system would not have violated gunman Omar Matteen’s Second Amendment Rights, but would have notified the FBI of his acquisition of the semi-automatic, multi-caliber rifle that allowed him to massacre 49 LGBTQ+ civilians in an Orlando nightclub early June 12th.


“I fully recognize that such a change is not sufficient in and of itself,” wrote Schiff. “[C]ongressional action is imperative to…prohibit a sale to an individual based on a designation as a dangerous terrorist.”


However, he said, “While this proposal will not prevent all acts of gun violence, it will help reduce the barbarous efficiency of another attack like the one we witnessed this week in Orlando.”