Sponsored Legislation

Bill # Bill Description Updated
H.R.908 Cosponsored  — California Coastal National Monument Santa Cruz Redwoods Expansion Act
H.R. 955 Cosponsored  — To authorize assistance and sustainment to the military and national security forces of Ukraine.
H.R.912 Cosponsored  — ACHE Act
H.R.913 Cosponsored  — Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act
H.R.933 Cosponsored  — Head Start on Vaccinations Act
H.R.927 Cosponsored  — Keeping All Students Safe Act
H.R.932 Cosponsored  — Healthy Families Act
H.R.915 Cosponsored  — Voices for Veterans Act
H.R.885 Cosponsored  — Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2015
H.R.882 Cosponsored  — No Child Left Inside Act of 2015
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